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12 Free Fall Printables for Pre-K to Grade 8 From Twinkl

Resources to celebrate the change of seasons! 🍂 The post 12 Free Fall Printables for Pre-K to Grade 8 From Twinkl appeared first on We Are Teachers.

As the autumn breeze ushers in a new season, educators across grades are in for a treat with a splendid array of free fall-themed resources from From engaging activities to captivating lesson plans, these fall printables are tailor-made to infuse the spirit of the season into your classroom.

Let’s dive into the treasure trove of Twinkl’s offerings and discover our top picks for each grade range.

Favorite Free Fall Printables for Pre-K to Grade 2

Countdown to Fall Poster

Twinkl/Countdown to Fall poster

Spark excitement about the fall season with this fall countdown poster. It will get your students to notice the differences in weather and their surroundings. They’ll also get to show their creative coloring with fall colors.

Fall Leaf Template

Twinkl/Blank fall leaf

Create a beautiful wall collage or a dazzling fall bulletin board using this versatile fall leaf template. Provide a variety of art media to create a vibrant seasonal display in your classroom.

Fall Fine Motor Skills Tracing Cards

Twinkl fall fine motor skills tracing lines free fall printable
Twinkl/Fall fine motor activity

Build early childhood students’ fine motor and pre-writing skills with this activity. Students can strengthen their fine motor skills and enjoy the fall details in the project.

How To Draw a Bat Activity

how to draw a bat printable from Twinkl
Twinkl/Bat-drawing activity

Embrace the spooky season with this bat-drawing activity. Students will love learning with this step-by-step lesson, and they can make it their own by adding a creative background.

Halloween Coloring Sheets

halloween coloring sheets from twinkl
Twinkl/Halloween coloring sheets

Get into the spirit of spooky season with these adorable coloring sheets. Each sheet also includes the appropriate vocabulary word.

Fall Hidden Objects

free fall printables hidden objects activity
Twinkl/Fall hidden objects

Students will love this adorable activity that builds memory and cognition skills. Hidden within the forest are fall objects for students to find. This is a fantastic activity for young students to strengthen their visual discrimination skills.

Favorite Free Fall Printables for Grades 3 to 5

Spooky Spider Multiplication

spooky spider multiplication worksheets free fall printables
Twinkl/Spooky spider multiplication

Students solve multiplication problems on this cool math sheet. It’s differentiated to include one-by-one digit numbers, three-by-one digit numbers, and two-by-two digit numbers.

Polka-Dot and Plaid Pumpkins

Polka dot and plaid pumpkins worksheets
Twinkl/Polka-dot and plaid pumpkins

Bring a fun and whimsical decoration into your classroom with these pumpkins cutouts. They make an adorable display that will brighten up any learning space.

Giving Thanks Turkey Feathers

turkey feather writing activity from Twinkl free fall printables
Twinkl/Turkey feather activity

Use these thankful turkey feathers to have your students write about what they’re thankful for this Thanksgiving season. You can then create a fun bulletin board of a giant turkey with lots of thankful feathers.

Favorite Free Fall Printables for Grades 6 to 8

Fall Gratitude Mindfulness Quotes

fall mindfulness coloring sheets
Twinkl/Fall gratitude mindfulness quotes

Celebrate fall and the season of thankfulness with these coloring sheets. There are seven different quotes by significant women about taking time to appreciate life. These are a great way to practice mindfulness and gratitude!

Crazy Cat! Halloween Art Project

cat halloween art project
Twinkl/Crazy cat art project

Use this resource for a fun fall or Halloween art project. While creating a fun mixed-media art piece, students will learn how to create facial expressions while working on their use of space, light and dark, and drawing and painting techniques.

Salem Witch Trials Research

Salem witch trials research resources
Twinkl/Salem witch trials research

This research activity is a great way to get students excited about research and writing. This simple template gives students an organized set of prompts to begin their research on this fascinating topic. This resource is useful for your writing or social studies classes.

Whether you’re fostering creativity, exploring scientific concepts, or enhancing language skills, Twinkl has you covered with a range of resources designed to make this season an enriching and memorable learning experience for your students.

New members can try Twinkl’s premium subscription for just 99 cents! Take advantage of unlimited Twinkl downloads and access more than 1 million classroom resources for pre-K to grade 8, with new resources added every day! You’ll get access to tailored lessons, engaging activities, and time-saving tools to empower your classroom this year.

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