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"We are always looking for stakeholders, If you would like to contribute,"


John Huber


About Maryland Education Network

We provide expert opinion and commentary on current issues that directly or indirectly affect education.

Maryland Education Network is the outreach and communications arm of Marylandk12, LLC.   Through our network of Maryland teachers, administrators, and other education professionals, we provide opportunities for discourse, interaction, and discussion.  We accomplish this through articles, blogs, podcasts, and other tools to further the discussion.  We are always looking for stakeholders in Maryland’s K012 public schools to contribute.  If you would like to contribute, contact us!  

Marylandk12, LLC, is an education consulting and advocacy firm that offers the Maryland Education Network and provides a multitude of services for clients. These services include professional development, digital curriculum editing and modification for disabled learners, school behavior plan development and management, school safety plan development and management, school climate consulting, parent, and child advocacy, and much more. 

Marylandk12, LLC provides consultation for schools, school systems and all stakeholders. We do not have a one size fits all approach.  We meet individually with our clients and develop a plan with specific and deliverable outcomes.    

The Maryland Education network and Maryland K12, LLC were founded by John Huber.  John is a highly accomplished educational leader who is dedicated to fostering teacher and student success. With a wealth of experience and expertise, he excels in cultivating positive school climates, developing and maintaining relationships, and ensuring a safe and secure learning environment.

Recognizing the profound impact of school climate on school safety, student well-being and success, John is a passionate advocate for cultivating a positive and inclusive learning environment. Through his leadership, he develops strategies and initiatives that promote respect, empathy, and collaboration among students and staff. By fostering a supportive
climate, John enhances students’ social and emotional development, creating a
foundation for their academic growth.

John’s expertise extends to building and maintaining strong relationships within the educational community. He understands the importance of collaboration and open communication among all stakeholders, including students, SRO’s, parents, teachers, and community members. By fostering positive relationships, he creates a unified and cohesive educational ecosystem that supports student learning and achievement.

Safety is a top priority for John, and he takes a proactive approach to ensure a secure learning environment for all. He collaborates with school staff, SRO’s and district leaders to develop and implement comprehensive safety plans and emergency protocols. By staying informed of the latest safety practices and leveraging technology, John creates a safe and nurturing space where students can thrive.

Passionate about professional development, John actively supports and encourages the growth of educators. He provides mentorship and professional learning opportunities that empower teachers to enhance their instructional practices and strengthen their ability to meet students’ diverse needs

Connect with John Huber to benefit from his expertise in strategic leadership, engaging curriculum development, positive school climate, relationship-building, and school safety. Together, let’s create an educational environment where teachers and students can thrive, achieve their goals, and shape a brighter future.

We are your one stop shop for all things education.  You can keep updated on the latest news and topics in Maryland’s K12 public schools, or you can contact us for a wide variety of educational services. Whether you are a teacher interested in the latest teaching strategies, an administrator interested in leadership forums, or would like to contribute to the discussion regarding any current topic, is the place for you. 

You can see our latest original content focused on Maryland K12 schools and join the discussion, or you can contact us and let us know how we can provide services to you and your child or school.