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John Huber


School Safety

Improving School Attendance: A Comprehensive Approach As an administrator with years of experience, I’ve come to understand that improving school attendance requires a multifaceted approach. Attendance is not just about students being present in class; it’s intertwined with the overall school climate, discipline, safety, teacher attendance, and satisfaction. To truly address attendance issues, a detailed …

Accountability Over Awards: Engaging Parents to Tackle Absenteeism Read More »

Hand pulling out handgun out of school back-pack
Administrators better pay attention to the information coming from hearings and trials stemming from the Uvalde and Parkland shootings.  Much of it is centered on failures of not just law enforcement but of school personnel, specifically administrators. The Texas house of representatives recently issued an 81-page interim report detailing the Uvalde shooting. The very beginning …

Administrators Better Pay Attention to the Information From Hearings and Trials of the Uvalde and Parkland Shootings Read More »