If you’re anything like me, your first real teaching unit for the new school year has been planned for weeks (or even longer!). What might be a bit less planned out is what the first few days of class look like. With all the activities that happen during these initial school days, our class periods can be hectic. That’s why we’ve created these First-Day-of-School Google Slides. They have everything you need to create a presentation that goes over the important information your students need to know, especially about you, your class, and what they can expect this school year. Check out how the slides walk your students through everything you’ll want them to know during the first few days of class.

Introducing yourself to your class

Meet the teacher slide on a tablet- first day of school google slides

This slide gives you a chance to share a bit of who you are as a teacher (and as a person!) with your new students. All the slides in the download are editable, so you can change any sections if you want to share something different!

The first-day agenda

Daily agenda on tablet

Make your students comfortable from the moment they step through the door. This slide lets your students know exactly what to do during that awkward time while they’re waiting for their classmates to arrive and class to begin.

Your classroom expectations and procedures

Picture of procedures for using the restroom or visiting the water fountain on a tablet

The slideshow contains individual expectations/procedures slides for the most common classroom behaviors. Feel free to use the sample wording or change it to match the way your classroom operates.

An icebreaker they won’t hate (We promise!)

Picture of a slide from an icebreaker game asking students to make choices between one thing or another displayed on a tablet- first day of school google slides

This ready-to-go version of a popular “Would You Rather”–type icebreaker gets students out of their seats in a non-cringey way they’ll actually enjoy. The questions are fun and guaranteed to spark fun conversation.

Let us help make your first-day-of-school lesson planning a breeze!

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