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Enter the Samsung Solve for Tomorrow Contest for a Chance To Win Up to $100,000 in Prizes!

Idea starters to get your class brainstorming and application submitted! The post Enter the Samsung Solve for Tomorrow Contest for a Chance To Win Up to $100,000 in Prizes! appeared first on We Are Teachers.

Help your students become the innovators of tomorrow! The Samsung Solve for Tomorrow contest invites public school students in grades 6-12 to come up with solutions to challenges facing their communities using STEM. Encourage your students to build STEM, innovation, and life skills through this hands-on project. You could win a share of $2 million in prizes!

Together with your students, brainstorm problems your community faces and how you might solve them. You just need one innovative idea to participate! The application is simpler than ever, with just three questions to answer. You will define your problem and explain your proposed solution and how it will be sustainable. Then, your application is ready for submission (It only takes a few minutes!). As teams are selected to move through each phase, they are asked to provide more project details and are awarded prizes of increasing value.

Apply by October 27!

Ideas To Kick-Start Your Brainstorming for the Solve for Tomorrow Contest

This nationwide, innovative STEM contest can fit into any curriculum! Check out some ideas below for how a proposed solution could fit into your subject area. Plus, get inspiration from past winners here.

Science classrooms:

  • Recycling or waste issues
  • Food insecurity
  • Environmental destruction
  • Combating invasive species
  • Water quality

English classrooms:

  • Low literacy rates
  • Access to books
  • Access to education

Math classrooms:

  • Lack of basic money skills
  • Minimum wage
  • Cost of living

Social studies classrooms:

  • Rising media or social media problems
  • Access to transportation
  • Availability of jobs
  • Civic engagement or voter turnout
  • Transportation safety

Business, home and family life, or other electives:

  • Fire safety
  • Financial security
  • Activities for youth
  • Aiding the elderly

Win Up to $100,000!

At least five schools from every state will be selected as a State Finalist and win $2,500 in Samsung technology, plus the chance to move on and compete for bigger prizes. Learn more about prize tiers here, including bonus awards for Sustainability Innovation and Rising Entrepreneurship. Enter the Solve for Tomorrow contest today to win your share of $2M in Samsung technology and classroom supplies!

Apply by October 27!

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