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John Huber


John Huber: Honored to Announce Candidacy For The Board of Education in Worcester County, MD District 5

Hello, I’m John Huber, owner and founder of Maryland K12,  and I’m proud to announce my candidacy for the Board of Education in Worcester County, MD District 5. With over three decades of dedication to Maryland’s public K-12 education system, I bring a wealth of experience and a deep commitment to ensuring every student’s safety, success, and well-being.

Throughout my career, I’ve had the privilege of serving in various roles, starting as a passionate classroom teacher, and later transitioning into educational leadership as an administrator. My journey began in Baltimore County Public Schools, where I spent 15 years nurturing young minds as a music educator. I cherished the opportunity to create an inspiring instructional environment that fostered intellectual, social, and emotional development. My support for the arts in education has never left me.

As an Assistant Principal, I tackled diverse challenges and spearheaded initiatives aimed at enhancing student success. From reducing suspension rates by over 30% without compromising strict behavioral standards, to implementing strategic curriculum strategies to boost academic excellence, I worked tirelessly to create a positive and inclusive learning environment for all students.

My commitment to student well-being extends beyond academics, evidenced by my significant expertise in school safety, student discipline, and school climate. I have dedicated considerable effort to writing, implementing, and reviewing school safety plans, fostering collaborative relationships with School Resource Officers (SROs) and law enforcement officials. This collaborative approach led to a remarkable 35% reduction in suspension rates and brought arrest rates to near zero, ensuring a secure and positive school environment. These gains were achieved through positive climate initiatives and the reduction in the need for such actions and not by a reduction of standards.

In addition to my administrative role, I am also an author and consultant in the field of education. Since retiring from Baltimore County Schools in 2020, I founded Maryland K12, where I have been instrumental in shaping the discourse on school safety, school climate, and student discipline. My thought leadership in this area is underscored by presentations at prestigious conferences, including the National School Safety Conference in Las Vegas, NV, where I shared insights on navigating the relationship between SROs and school administrators. I was invited to present at the National Organization for Student Success (NOSS) conference in February 2024, further demonstrating my influence and expertise in promoting student success through collaborative relationships.

Additionally, my current consulting experience as a Subject Matter Expert and Learning Design Strategist has equipped me with valuable insights into public k12 online learning. Collaborating remotely with a team of professionals, I have authored lesson content, made necessary modifications for disabled learners, developed course units, topics, and lessons, recommended appropriate assessments and projects for special education students, and ensured alignment with state-level outcomes and standards.

As a candidate for the Board of Education, I am committed to leveraging my extensive experience, expertise, and passion to shape our educational future positively. I believe in advocating for policies that promote equity, inclusivity, and excellence in education.  Worcester County Public Schools is regularly ranked among the top few systems in Maryland, let’s keep it that way!  I hope I can count on your support!

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