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Services for Parents, Students and Families

Maryland K12 provides consulting and advocacy services for individuals and families in the Maryland K-12 systems

Services for Parents, Students and Families

Parents and families of Maryland’s K-12 systems often find it difficult to navigate and manage their relationships with the school.  Sometimes it can be overwhelming and frustrating.  Parents and families of students have specific rights and are entitled to services and information that the school must provide in certain circumstances.  Maryland K12 is not a legal firm and does not offer legal advice; however, the services provided include student advocacy under certain circumstances.  This can include providing guidance with special education or 504 compliance, advocacy when your child is a victim, assisting with academic matters and relationships with a teacher, reviewing suspension reports and identifying any mistakes made by the school system, and advocacy at Superintendent’s Designee hearings


Sometimes, parents and families simply do not have the time to deal with much of the issue because they have to work.  And sometimes, parents simply feel outmatched or intimidated by teachers and/or administrators.  As an advocate, Maryland K12 can help in these situations.

services available for students

Academic Advocacy

School & Relationship Advocacy

Behavior & Disciplinary Action Advocacy

Suspension Advocacy

Incident report review Advocacy

Special Education Compliance advocacy

504 Compliance Advocacy

Academic Advocacy

Suspension/Expulsion Hearing Representation Advocacy